Part time on call

If you are interested in this Huntington Beach part time on call pet sitting and dog walking job posted below please read the entire description then reply with all questions answered. Due to a busy schedule serving clients phone calls or other contact regarding this position can not be accepted. If I think you may be a good fit I will contact you within 7 business days,  thank you for your understanding.

Lori The Pet Sitter and Dog Walker a Huntington Beach pet sitting service established in 2007 is looking for a mature, honest and reliable pet lover who is interested in being an on call pet sitter and dog walker.  I am looking for someone who is passionate about animals and their care, someone who loves spending time with both dogs and cats, someone who is willing to do the work required to make sure they have the best care possible. Someone who understands and respects that each time a client trust us to take care of their pets it is an honor. Someone who understand that pets are furry children who are referred to as him or her never it.

I am looking for someone who is willing to provide daily mid day dog walks for clients who need their dog to have excised, daily pet care visits morning and evening for clients who are away from home on vacation, someone who is wiling to do occasional overnight pet sitting in the clients home. Pet sitting is a feast or famine industry, some days you may have many pet sitting visits and dog walks other days there may be none. 
For this reason I am thinking this may be a good fit for a home maker with older independent children or a retired person who enjoys walking dogs and taking care of pets. This can also work well for a retired police officer or someone with experience in catering (You do not need to be any of these to apply, but you need to be available for morning, mid day and evening pet care visits.)
Daily dog walks are usually 30 minutes of walking the dog around where they live, occasionally a client will ask for a longer dog walk.

Pet sitting visits include:
Spending time with dogs, cats and some times other pets, making sure they are happy.
Feeding the clients dog or cat (some times other pets)
Scooping litter box for cats, picking up poop in yard for dogs
Filling / cleaning out water dish for the dog or cat
Play time for the dog or cat, a short walk for dogs
Bringing in mail or news papers
Any other care the pet owner may request

The ideal person will:
Live in one of the following Huntington Beach zip codes 92649, 92648, 92646, 92647 - Please do not respond if you do not live in one of the zip codes listed above. 
Someone is needed who can do occasional overnights, overnight pet sitting means you will go to the clients home and spend the night in their home for a minimum of 12 hours from 7pm to 7am. Most overnights are in nice comfortable homes with scenic surroundings. Overnight jobs are usually 2 to 6 nights long. The minimum pay for standard over night care with one dog is $51.00 per night for standard overnight pet care. There are three levels of overnight pet care offered based on the time client would like the pet sitter to be in the home and number of pets. Compensation for full time overnight pet care with dog walks can be up to $120.00 per night if there are 2 dogs.

You also need to:
Be mature and responsible - this can be a great fit for anyone who needs long term part time on call work and is available for morning, mid day and evening pet care visits. Be a non smoker
Love dogs, cats, other pets and want to spend time with them.
Have experience with dog and cat care - can be your own dog or cat
Will be willing to work part time on weekends and holidays, there is additional compensation for major and family holidays of $15 per daily visit, $30 per overnight.

You must pass a detailed back ground check it must show that you have no arrest record and a valid drivers license.
Have reliable fuel efficient transportation.
Have a smart phone and be comfortable using it with text, photos and email. 
Have a desktop computer or laptop computer or tablet in order to log into pet sitting software.

Return emails, calls or text promptly, clients or potential pet sitting clients do not like to wait for a response from the pet sitter.
Be good at working independently without supervision.

Compensation: You will be paid as an independent contractor a percentage of all pet sitting and dog walking jobs you are assigned, the minimum will be $15.00 per each 30 minute pet sitting visit or dog walk. 
You will also be paid holiday fees, an additional $15.00 per visit for many federal and all family holidays total of 15 days per year. Interview fees (for new clients only) of $15.00. Most people in the pet sitting industry are not paid for interviews and are not paid as much as I offer for holidays. You will also be covered on the business insurance which has a zero deductible, many pet sitting companies have insurance which requires the independent contractor to pay the first $500 of any insurance claim.

You need to understand that this is not a job paid by the hour, it is an independent contractor position, taxes will not be taken out of your check, you will receive a 1099 at the end of the year for the amount you were paid which you must file taxes on.

I am sorry but if you currently have a full time job this is not a good fit for you, I need someone who can do some am pet sitting visits, some pm pet sitting visits and some mid day dog walks when clients request them. For this reason I am thinking this will work great for someone who is retired or maybe a home maker with a flexible schedule looking for additional income. 
If interested please copy and paste the following questions into an email, answer all questions then email the application to

Emails without responses to all of the questions are deleted.
To apply please copy and paste the questions below into an email and send it to

What zip code do you live in?
What are your nearest major cross streets?
What schedule you are available to work?
Do you have any planned vacations or days you will need off in the next 6 months? If yes list dates.
What is your age range? 
Are you male or female?

What pet care experience do you have?
What was your last job and what work experience do you have?
What type of pets do you currently own? 
Are you looking for a permanent or temporary part time position as a pet sitter?
Do you drive a reliable fuel efficient car that gets at least 18 miles per gallon on surface streets?
Are you available to do overnight pet sitting in the clients home?
Do you have a smart phone?
Do you have a desk top computer or lap top computer or tablet? Will your background check show that you have no arrest record and your drivers license is valid?

Are you available to do some morning and evening pet care visits each day?
Are you available to do mid day dog walks between 11am and 2pm Mon - Fri?
How much money do you need to earn from being a dog walker and pet sitter each month?
Why do you think you are a good fit for this position?
Emails without answers to the above questions will be deleted. 

Please note that if you have children or dogs they can not accompany you on pet sitting day visit jobs, due to insurance and liability issues a pet sitter must be the only one to enter a clients home, no other people or dogs may accompany her.