Cat Sitter Service

Cat Sitting in Your Huntington Beach Home
Daily Cat Sitter Visits One to Three Times Per Day
Overnight Cat Sitting in Your home.

To book cat sitter service or if you have questions about our cat care service please email, text or call
714 791 8681

Once A Day Any Time Cat Sitting Visits

  • This service is for cats who do not require a lot of attention, for cats who are in need of human companionship or eat canned food, morning and evening cat sitting visits are are a better option. Some cats are shy and do not desire a great deal of attention, for this type of cat once a day cat sitting can be a good fit, some clients may still prefer twice daily visits for their peace of mind.
  • Our cat sitter will come to your home once per day and spend 30 minutes taking care of your pet cat, she will feed your cat, provide fresh water, clean the cat dishes and feeding area, scoop the litter box and spend remaining time giving your cat attention if they would like some.
  • Cats must be visited a minimum of once per day for their safety and well being by our cat sitter, we can not share pet sitting jobs due to insurance, we do not offer every other day cat sitting. A cat can pass away from a blocked urethra in less than 48 hours along with other possible hazards. We love cats and want the best for them so once a day every day is the minimum cat sitting service we offer.

Once a day cat sitting visits start at $25 for one or two cats, 30 minute visits. There is a 5 visit minimum for first time clients plus a consultation fee of $15 for our cat sitter to come to your home, meet your cat, take notes and discuss your cats needs. Total minimum cost for a first time client is $140.00

One hour long cat sitting visits are $35.00 each visit.

Morning and Evening Cat Sitting Visits

  • Our cat sitter will come to your home once the morning and once in the evening to provide care for your cat(s)
  •  Scoop the litter box
  • Provide fresh water and clean the dish
  • Spend time petting or playing with toys.
  • $25.00 per visit

 Overnight Cat Sitting in Your Huntington Beach home
Our cat sitter will spend the night with your cat in their home so they do not feel lonely while you are away. This is a great option for cats who are social and enjoy human companionship.
We offer standard overnight cat sitting 12 hours usually 7pm to 7am starting at $85

Full time overnight cat sitting, our cat sitter will spend the night and a good part of the day with your cat, she may be away for a few hours in the morning and afternoon but will make your home her home base.
Full time overnight cat sitting starts at $150.00 per 24 hour period.